• Soluzioni di Casa
    "Soluzioni di Casa" are the emotions of your home that you live every day and that arel accompany you forever.
  • Soluzioni di Casa
    Functionality and practicality without ignoring the research of aesthetic touches.
  • Soluzioni di Casa
    The emotions of your own home



Soluzioni di Casa is a brand that was born from the desire of Osvaldo Comarella, after years spent satisfying the most demanding customers, and looking to find new ways and methods to give new emotions to live every day in your own home.

The meeting with Mr. Lino has produced the most effective method to get to the heart of customers and build a unique FIRE for each piece produced. Thanks to skills acquired in the field of building and in particular, chimneys, we can offer a design for every situation and produce works (projects) with specialised personnel. The collaboration and experience of Barbara, founded on the yards, will be at your disposal. Among the many services, we can certify existing flue and / or renovate, build certified chimneys and offer new construction assistance.

We are pleased to invite you to our office and via the link "…" you can find some of our works (projects) and have an idea about what we can build for you.

See you there!